Catastrophic Haemorrhage Control

Master Catastrophic Haemorrhage Control in Just 3 Hours!

Join our hands-on Catastrophic Haemorrhage Control Course and become a lifesaving expert in managing major bleeding incidents. This immersive 3-hour training will equip you with vital skills through real-life simulated experiences.

What You’ll Learn: Focus on the effective management and control of major haemorrhage. Gain hands-on experience in a dynamic and realistic training setting.

Who Should Attend?

  • First Aiders: Enhance your life-saving capabilities and be ready for critical situations.
  • FREC3 & 4: Strengthen your prehospital medical expertise with advanced haemorrhage control techniques.
  • Frontline Medical Professionals: Elevate your skills and be at the forefront of emergency care.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make a difference when it matters most. Book now and be prepared to handle life’s most challenging moments with confidence!

Secure Your Spot: Limited seats available for this crucial training. Reserve your place now to embark on this transformative learning journey.

Here’s what you’ll master during this transformative training:

🩸 Assessing and Identifying Catastrophic Haemorrhage: Develop the critical ability to recognize and respond to major bleeding incidents swiftly.

🩸 Estimating Blood Loss: Acquire the skills to gauge blood loss accurately, enabling timely and effective intervention.

🩸 Basic Human Anatomy: Understand the anatomical structures crucial for precise haemorrhage control.

🩸 Tourniquet Use and Correct Application: Learn the proper application of tourniquets to halt bleeding efficiently and prevent further harm.

🩸 Haemostatic and Non-Haemostatic Agents and Wound Packing: Familiarize yourself with various agents and techniques to control haemorrhage effectively.

🩸 Different Bandages and Dressings: Explore diverse bandages and dressings for optimal wound care.

🩸 Information Taking: Master the art of gathering essential information to ensure accurate and efficient intervention.

🩸 Handing Over to Higher Level of Care: Learn seamless handover procedures to ensure continuity of care.

Acknowledgment of Your Achievement: As a testament to your dedication, you’ll receive a CPD certificate from Totem Medical Academy upon successful course completion.

Book now and embrace the power to save lives.

Price: £45

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