Deal One – Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work & Level 2 Fire Safety

🔥 The Ultimate Workplace Safety Training Combo is Here! 🔥

🚒 Level 2 Fire Safety (Online) + Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work

👷‍♂️ Are you committed to ensuring the safety of your workplace and your team? We’ve crafted an unbeatable training combo that covers it all, designed to fit your busy schedule.


🔥 Level 2 Fire Safety (Online) 🔥

  • Master fire safety principles from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Understand the critical role of a Fire Warden.
  • Engage with interactive e-learning and quizzes.

🩹 Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work 🩹

  • Begin with the morning assessment of your Level 2 Fire Safety course.
  • Dive into an interactive day of Level 3 Emergency First Aid training.
  • Gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge.
  • Be prepared to handle emergencies with confidence.
  • Expert instructors and a supportive learning environment.

💡 Why Choose Our Exclusive Combo?

✅ Start with our fully regulated Level 2 Fire Safety (RQF) course online.

✅ Complete the assessment conveniently online.

✅ Seamlessly transition to our immersive Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) training.


📖 Course Highlights:

  • 🔸 Roles and responsibilities of an emergency first aider
  • 🔸 Precision incident assessment
  • 🔸 Effective management of unresponsive casualties
  • 🔸 CPR and defibrillation mastery
  • 🔸 Expert patient positioning in the recovery position
  • 🔸 Handling choking emergencies with confidence
  • 🔸 Navigating seizures and managing shock situations
  • 🔸 Prompt wound and bleeding care
  • 🔸 First aid for minor injuries, cuts, grazes, bruises, and burns

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