At Totem Medical Academy, we believe that everyone should have access to vital life-saving knowledge.

That’s why our comprehensive range of courses caters to all individuals – from workplace warriors to medical professionals, from essential first aid skills to create a safe and prepared workplace, through to courses for professionals seeking to enhance expertise.

Join our vibrant community and unlock the potential to make a difference. Whether you’re an office manager, a parent, or a healthcare hero, our courses will empower you with life-saving skills.

Embrace the journey to becoming a certified life-saver. Discover our courses below and start your transformative experience with Totem Medical Academy.

First Response Emergency Care (FREC)


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CPD for the Professional

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Our Venue

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Our esteemed instructors, with their rich backgrounds in aviation, military service, and frontline NHS practice, infuse every session with captivating insights, making learning an engaging and transformative journey.