Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS)

Totem Medical Academy and An Turas have partnered to deliver ALSG’s MIMMS 4th Edition.

The MIMMS course supports the learning and management of a major incident, focusing on how to deliver the medical support needed to multiple casualties. As this is the only international standard in major incident medical management, the course is taught and the principles are practiced by both civilians and militaries throughout the world.

Course teaching objectives include:

  • Understanding the organisations, structures and roles in managing major incidents and how they work on an integrated platform.
  • Demonstrate how to prepare for and implement a structured approach when responding to major incidents (CSCATTT).
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver the medical support needed at major incidents, through triage, treatment and transport.
  • 2 day course consisting of 6 hours of online pre-learning prior to the day face to face classroom delivery, certification valid for 4 years from ALSG.

* Candidates should be from a medical, nursing or paramedic background or if not a HCP, candidates should be involved in the preplanning and management of major incidents.

Course content includes:

  • Online learning (prior to face to face)
  • Interactive lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Table top Major Incident exercises (maps/models)
  • Radio use exercise
  • Triage exercises
  • MCQ assessment
  • Practical Exercise Without Casualties – Our classroom will be taken outside to pre designated location for exercise.

Price: £520

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