Out of Hospital Immediate Life Support (ILS) (1 Day) – Level 4

Unleash Your Emergency Response Expertise with ILS!

This qualification is an integral component of the QA Prehospital Care suite, developed in accordance with guidelines from leading organizations such as the Resuscitation Council UK, JRCALC Clinical Practice Guidelines, CSTF, and FPHC PHEM Framework.


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Who’s This Course For?

Designed for healthcare professionals, emergency care providers, ambulance support workers, and associate practitioners, it targets individuals responding to out-of-hospital emergencies and life-threatening incidents.

How long does the qualification last for?

The qualification will last for 1 year, following this you can do a half day course in most circumstances to requalify.



Learners must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid First Response Emergency Care – Level 4 (FREC4) qualification or higher.

Course Content Highlights:

Discover a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip you with the skills you need in critical moments:

💓 Causes of Cardiac Arrest: Understand the factors leading to cardiac emergencies.

💓 Prevention of Cardiac Arrest: Learn how proactive measures can make a life-saving difference.

💨 Airway Management: Master essential techniques to ensure proper airway function.

🅰️ The ABCDE Approach: Embrace a systematic approach to optimize patient care.

💗 Resuscitation and Defibrillation: Unlock the power to restore life with confidence.

💓 ROSC Procedures: Navigate the intricacies of Return of Spontaneous Circulation.

🎯 Targeted Training: Focus on personalized learning, tailored to your specific needs.

👥 Team Leadership: Acquire leadership skills to excel in emergency scenarios.

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